Speech was given to man to conceal his thoughts

- Talleyrand -

Confidence is key to success -
overconfidence is key to your ruin

He who seeks wisdom is a wise man;
he who thinks he has found it is mad.
No man ever became wise by chance

– Seneca –

The Ego is not the
master in its own house

(alter ego)
– Freud –

We are what we repeatedly do, therefore
Excellence is not an act but is a habit

– Aristotle –

Human behaviour flows from three
main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge

–Plato –

Legal Work



There are no rules of the game. Negotiations are crucial skills in many professions...read more


Successful negotiations are void, if they are not crowned with a contract...read more

Draft of procurement applications and project proposals

As a company dealing with your main work (whether it is services or supplies) you might want to apply for an ongoing tender process in public institutions or international organisations...read more

Draft of legal papers

If you as a citizen and employee are in need in submitting...read more

Executive Coaching


Individual Coaching

In individual coaching we use a variety of techniques and cognitive measures conducted by our psychologists, in order to understand each person/client. read more...

Targeted Coaching

Targeted coaching is focused, practical, skill-based approach to coaching, offered to individuals on one-to-one basis interaction, custom designed in order to meet individual’s needs through personalized instruction, practice and feedback. read more...

Leadership training programs

In the midst of our everyday dynamic, workplace, political arena, even children's playground, an observer can always identify the natural group leader. read more...

Business Transformation


Human Resources Management expertise

Who will you employ in your organization, finding the best match for the position and retaining the talent in which you invested – defines significantly the success of your organization. read more...


For many people marketing is similar to promotion! Well – not quite. read more...

Risk management

Inadequate risk management can result in severe consequences for companies. read more...

Organisational culture

Organizational culture is one of the most important drivers of performance in an organization.  read more...


Letter from CEO

Advoco Solutions is a resourceful consultancy company specialized in providing services in three main areas: Legal Work, Executive Coaching and Business Transformation.


Managing Partner

unnamed Sihana Nebiu is an Economist, graduated from South East European University and holds a Democracy and Human Rights Master degree from University of Bologna and University of Sarajevo.


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